P@rick and Mattia do Roshambo!

by P@rick
posted on 2000.10.30

Dennis SCP wrote:

"Auch!!! You f*cking ass, I get to kick first."
"Shut it, you fat p... Auch!!! You poked me in the eye. That's no Roshambo!
"Oh you're blind, now you can't see Willow, guess I'll get to see her instead, you cheat.
"No! I can now legally see her with my hands. And I'm still standing..."
"Auch!!! You kicked me again, you're not good at taking turns are you. Take this!

In the mean while Dennis sneaks of with Willow to do some magic...

... and try to stop the fighting. They do a peace spell, and soon enough Mattia & P@rick are apologizing to each other for letting things get out of hand.

"Fhew, that was close" Willow says with a sigh of relief. "I'd hate to see these two great guys hurt each other because of me. Thanks for...." Willow turns around to face Dennis and thank him for helping with the spell. But Dennis is gone. She looks around but can't see him anywhere. While Willow wonders how Dennis could have disappeared in just a few seconds, a sound coming from the ground catches her attention. She immediately recognizes the sound and it strikes her heart with fear. It's the croaking of a.... frog! She looks down and there it is, in all it's slimey green toadness. Giles had warned her to be careful when practicing magic, because of the unexpected side-effects some spells can have. And this side effect is more horrible than she ever could have imagined. The spell had turned Dennis into the animal that Willow fears most.

Willow is paralized by fear. Her brain begs her to run away, but her legs just aren't responding. Dennis the frog just keeps sitting there at her feet, looking up with his marble eyes. Besides fear, Willow feels sorry for what happened to Dennis. She never really knew him well, but he did help her with the spell to make her best friends stop fighting. And to be turned into a frog is something she wouldn't even want her worst enemy to happen. Not even Cordelia, although she had often wished that she would wake up some day with her face covered with zits.

"Willow, are you okay?". It takes some time for those words to reach her consciousness. But when they do, her fear starts to make way for relief. The familiar voice feels like a warm blanket around her. She turns around and sees Mattia and P@rick, both with a slightly worried expression on their face. "Oh my god, you guys" she says. "I was so scared".

"Well, we've stopped fighting thanks to you", Mattia tries to reassure her.

"Oh, I-I just don't mean that" Willow replies. "I-It's Dennis. Something terrible has happened to him. He has turned i-into a... a..." Willow indicates to the ground behind her. She steps aside to give her friends a clear view, but she can't look at the horrible creature herself again. Mattia and P@rick look towards where she is pointing, and look up to her again. She reads in their eyes that they don't understand what she is talking about. A bit frustrated that her friends don't get it at once, she turns her head to look at Dennis herself. At once it becomes clear where the confusion comes from. Dennis isn't there anymore.

Willow starts to panick again. She feels very uncomfortable knowing that there is a toad near her but not being able to see it. But there is no sign of Dennis, no matter where she looks. He is gone without at trace.

"What is it Will, what are you looking for?" P@rick asks.

"A frog! It was right here, just a few seconds ago. Where did it-where did he go?"

"A frog? Will, I didn't see a frog. Did you see a frog Mattia?" Mattia shakes his head.

"Nope, can't say I did"

"But it was here. I-I saw it with my own eyes. I heard it. I.. I.."

"It's okay Will. It's just the spell. All that magic is getting to your head. And now you're seeing things that aren't there."

"But I'm sure I... I mean I think I... and Dennis helped me with the spell... we-we must help him. We must find him and help him"

"We will" P@rick puts a comforting arm around Willow "We will. But first you need to calm down and get some rest. Let's go to my room. I'll make you some sage tea. With honey, just the way you like it. And then we'll go over what happened"

"Okay, I think" They start walking back to the dorms. "I mean, I'm feeling.. kind of fuzzy right now. My mind is doing the numb thingy. I'm not sure anymore... of what happened. I think I'd like some of that tea" she ends in a soft voice.

From the bushes, a pair of marble eyes watch them leave. A tear springs from one of them and starts sliding down the green cheek. A single croak can be heared. Then silence...

Bye, Patrick
to be continued?