Into the Spell

by P@rick
posted on 2000.11.12

"Are you sure this is going to work?"

It is not the first time today Willow asks Tara this question. And despite the implicit faith she has in Tara's knowledge of the divine entities, conjuring the goddess Donmeswitme is yet another step further into the black arts. A step they might not be ready to take yet and regret later.

"I think it will, Will"

While she says this Tara looks Willow straight into the eyes. They both start to laugh. One of the things Willow loves about Tara is that they share the same sense of humor. And Tara has come a long way since they first met. Not only is she completely at ease around Willow, but she has also grown a lot more confident.

"Everything is ready I think. Are you?" Tara asks with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Yes, I am ready. Let's do this" Willow replies with a slight sigh. While the girls assume their positions they don't notice a green striped animal with big yellow eyes jumping up the window-sill.

Tara starts the incantation, which sounds pretty familiar to Willow. They have conjured several goddesses before, only not one near as powerful as Donmeswitme. If they reach her at the wrong time of the month they will have hell to pay, literally. And that's only when they don't make any mistake with the ritual. Not knowing exactly what time is the wrong time of the month doesn't set Willow's mind at ease.

The green animal jumps onto the floor of the room, but he doesn't make a sound when he lands on the soft carpet. It starts to make his way to the two girls, Tara facing it backwards.

Willow concentrates on the manual part of the spell, while Tara does the incantation. Apart from pouring the right powders onto the small fire at the right moment, Willow has to keep an eye on Amy. They can't keep her in the cage this time, because it would be too small for her when the spell is succesful. So Willow has put Amy under a veil, and it seems to be keeping her at ease. At least, she isn't trying to escape as Willow had expected. Maybe she realises that the two witches are trying to change her back again. As Willow pours the last powder onto the fire, it suddenly changes color. It doesn't grow bigger, much to Willow and Tara's relief, but it assumes an intense purple tint. Donmeswitme has answered their call. And since they are both still alive and have not turned into some hideous creature like a frog, the goddess is in a good mood today. Now it's time to complete the spell and ask Donmeswitme to change Amy back into her human form again. Tara starts the final part of the incantation

"Goddess Donmeswitme hear our prayer. We humbly ask for thou help." For the first time Willow honestly believes the spell is going to work. Tara looks very confident speaking the final words of the spell. And that confidence reflects on Willow.

"Undo the spell that has trapped our friend in the wrong body for too long." Willow moves her attention back from Tara to the veil to make sure that Amy is still under it.

"Undo the spell that turned our friend into a.."



Right where Willow expects to see the shape of Amy the rat under the veil, sits a green creature that strikes her heart with fear. It stares at her, and apart from her loud scream, Willow is paralysed. Tara is very surprised by Willow's sudden outburst and looks at her to see why she freaked out like that. Then the frog catches her eyes. As soon as she realises what she sees, and links it to Willow's frightened reaction, the animal starts to radiate a bright green light. And at the same time it starts to grow. It rapidly assumes another shape. That of a human being. A boy, and naked at that. As soon as the frog has completed its transformation, both girls recognize a familiar face. It's the face of Dennis, SCP.

"Hi Will, hi Tara." Both girls can't believe what has happened. "Why did the frog cross the road...?"

After a moment of silence Dennis decides to give them the answer. But before he speaks a word, something distracts him. A big fly has landed right next to him on the floor. And it's looking mighty delicious....


Bye, Patrick

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