Into the Spell, Part II

by Dennis SCP
posted on 2000.11.16

P@rick wrote:
"Hi Will, hi Tara."

Both girls can't believe what has happened.

"Why did the frog cross the road...?"

After a moment of silence Dennis decides to give them the answer. But before he speaks a word, something distracts him. A big fly has landed right next to him on the floor. And it's looking mighty delicious....


As Dennis realizes no one is laughing he asks "What? Did I tell that one before?"

Dennis has been telling silly frog one liners to ease those odd conversations between humans and frogs. While they usually break the ice, Willow has never appreciated them. She always turns away rather quickly.

Willow stampers "Dennis, you're naked..." and raises an eyebrow to communicate the awkwardness of the situation. Dennis quickly covers himself up with the bed sheets.

"So, what if I am? It's only natural..."

Willow raises another eyebrow. Dennis looks a bit puzzled, but continues

"You know... romantic candle's, sweaty spells, forbidden pleasure..."

"Hold it right there, mister naughty thought!" Willow say rather inflamed.

Dennis, now afraid of what Willow might do with her raised finger, tries to get to the truth "But... but... I saw you through the window, when you two searched for Buffy with that um, uh... orgasm spell."

Tara turns pale. Willow almost screams: "Orgasm spell?!?! Dennis! How could you think that of me!"

Dennis is mortified, convinced that Willow will now turn him back into a frog. Willow realizes Dennis is finally getting it and lowers her voice: "I mean Tara and I had not even committed back then, why do you guys think such immoral things?"

Tara sighs and almost whispers "Boys will be boys."

"Not frogs?" Dennis pleads.

"Not frogs." Willow smiles.

"So how did things go with Adam?" Dennis asks.

"They're taken care of, why do you ask?" answers Willow.

Dennis points to his PowerBook G3 in the corner of the room. "Can I have it back?"

"No!" Yells Tara.

Dennis and Willow look surprised at Tara. Slowly and softly a word comes from Tara's mouth while she looks at Willow in despair:

"P i c t u r e s.".

Willow turns red and says: "Right, you'll have it back when the season is over. OK?"

Dennis smiles and agrees "I'm exhausted from all that hopping." He closes his eyes for a few seconds while he lays back on the bed.

Tara looks at Willow and asks "He's not going to wake up soon, is he?"

"No, I guess not. I'll fetch him some clothes."

The next day Dennis wakes up in his own bed. In a sweat, his stomach is turning. The last thing he can remember is eating spaghetti, lots of spaghetti. Too much spaghetti. It takes for days before his stomach stops BUGGING him and he finally catches on to the latest articles in his favorite newsgroup nl.kunst.sf+fantasy. For some unknown reason he keeps having the urge to start up Norton Utilities Unerase. He wonders why, or rather what he should search for.